Watchguard XTM 1050, XTM 2050, XTM 2 Series, XTM 3 Series, XTM 5 Series, XTM 8 Series – Fireware XTM OS 11.7.2 Build # 365430

Watchguard XTM 1050, XTM 2050, XTM 2 Series, XTM 3 Series, XTM 5 Series, XTM 8 Series – Fireware XTM OS 11.7.2 Build # 365430

Issues resolved in Fireware XTM v11.7.2 Build # 365430

•WatchGuard Server Center no longer fails to open if you specify a long path to the log file. [71406]
•You can now upgrade the XTM OS version on your XTM device from Fireware XTM Web UI from a Windows 8 browser. [70997]
•In response to a security advisory issued by OpenSSL, we have upgraded Fireware XTM OS to use OpenSSL 0.9.8y. [71416]
•In response to a security advisory issued by Adobe, we have upgraded the Flex XSS used in the Fireware XTM Web UI. [70444]
•Our thanks to Wayne Murphy and Ben Burns of Sec-1 for reporting some XSS and SQLi web application vulnerabilities in our quarantine portal, which have been resolved in this release. [71188]

Proxies and Subscription Services
•WebBlocker evaluations (with a WebBlocker trial license) now operate correctly. [71507]
•WebBlocker exception rules to deny web site access now work correctly. [71760, 71783]
•An issue that caused web browsing to slow or fail when you use WebBlocker with Websense server has been resolved. [71057, 71557]
•This release resolves a system memory leak that occurred when you used the HTTPS proxy and WebBlocker. [71082]
•You can now set a main Application Category to Drop while you have a subcategory set to Allow. [71018]
•Proxy stability when using IPS or Application Control has been improved. [71024, 71046, 71270, 71495, 71371, 71240, 71733, 70977, 71713]
•TLS encryption is no longer enabled by default in the SMTP proxy configuration, but can be enabled if you want to use it. [71137]

Logging and Reporting
•This release resolves an issue that caused the logging processes on the XTM device to use a high percentage of CPU. [59979, 66060]
•Log data now correctly shows in Log Manager when you sort messages by the “Date-Time” column. [70145]
•Correct log data now shows correctly in Firebox System Manager Traffic Monitor and in the Web UI Syslog option. [71044]
•A problem with log messages generated for Reputation Enabled Defense has been corrected so that the number of sites blocked by RED is now correctly counted. [70920]
•The User Authentication Denied report now generates with correct and complete information. [71359]
•A problem that prevented reports for older data sets from generating with a resulting memory error has been resolved in this release. [70957]
•The Web Audit by Client PDF report generation process has been improved so that the data now matches the data in an HTML formatted report. [63472]

•The SNMP process on XTM 25/26 and XTM 33 devices is now restarted automatically in the event that it gets stuck in a dormant state. [70975]
•Multi-WAN failover now works correctly with Static NAT configured on the external interface for failover. [71148]
•This release resolves a problem that prevented Policy Based Routing from correctly routing traffic through a second external interface. [71175]

•This release resolves an issue that caused a low memory condition when an active/passive FireCluster was configured. [70204]
•The Virtual MAC address is no longer sent from the backup master when you use an active/passive FireCluster with DHCP relay enabled. [71028]

•You can now correctly add and edit Firebox-DB users from the Web UI. [71079]

Branch Office VPN
•An automatically created VPN policy to allow traffic through a managed VPN tunnel now works correctly when its name exceeds 46 characters in length. [70994]
•When you install the Management Server on a non-English Windows OS, you can now correctly add VPN resources. [71180]

Mobile VPN
•The feature key entry previously called “Mobile VPN Users” has been re-labeled “IPSec VPN Users” for clarity. [69581]

You can download 11.7.2 Build # 365430 from Watchguard Support Portal by logging in to your account.

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