Cannot Open or View PDF Files using Internet Explorer Browser

A very common issue that Internet Explorer 8 and 9 users can face is an inability to view or download PDF files from a secure site (HTTPS).  As an example you will find that if you try to view the PDF in a browser window you will simply see a blank page.  This is due to the use of cache control headers which don’t seem to work correctly with secure sites in Internet Explorer.

If you are having this particular issue then please do the following:

  • Start “regedit” the default Windows Registry Editor
  • Next you need to locate this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
  • Click on the “Edit” menu and then click “New” and then “Dword Value”, you will need to do this twice so that you can setup both the keys below.

Name = BypassSSLNoCacheCheck Type = Dword Data = 1 (Hex or Decimal)

Name = BypassHTTPNoCacheCheck Type = Dword Data = 1 (Hex or Decimal)

  • Close Regedit and Reboot, you should now find that the issue is resolved.

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