Watchguard XTM 1050, XTM 2050, XTM 2 Series, XTM 3 Series, XTM 5 Series, XTM 8 Series – Fireware XTM OS 11.6.6 Build # 422607

Watchguard XTM 1050, XTM 2050, XTM 2 Series, XTM 3 Series, XTM 5 Series, XTM 8 Series – Fireware XTM OS 11.6.6 Build # 422607


  • A number of kernel crashes have been resolved. [73624, 73714, 72553]
  • An issue that caused the firewalld process to crash has been resolved. [72724]
  • MSS handling has been improved to enable the MTU to be adjusted independently for inbound and outbound proxy connections. This improvement prevents applications such as Facebook from stalling.[72722]

Proxies and Subscription Services

  • Several problems that caused spamBlocker process crashes to occur have been resolved. [72730, 73427, 73429]
  • You can now configure spamBlocker thresholds with the Web UI. [73092]
  • You can now show the serial number variable in the HTTP proxy deny message. [72665]
  • The HTTPS proxy now correctly handles Multiple-Domain Certificates. [73273]
  • This release offers improved site name detection when you use WebBlocker with the HTTPS proxy. [72935]
  • This release resolves several issues that caused the Gateway AV scanning process to fail and restart. [73100, 72788, 62451, 69866, 67509]

Logging and Reporting

  • The loggerd process no longer uses excessive CPU. [72672]


  • Dynamic DNS updates no longer fail. [73114]
  • This release resolves a memory leak that occurred when DHCP is enabled on the external interface but the DHCP server is not responding. [72725]
  • The XTM device DHCP server now correctly sends a NACK reply for devices that have an existing DHCP lease. [72726, 72551]


  • This release includes numerous improvements to XTM wireless stability. [73386, 73126, 72568, 72569, 72414, 72033, 72034, 72035, 72036, 72054, 71606]


  • This release resolves an issue that caused branch office VPN to stop functioning after you upgrade from Fireware XTM v11.4.x to v11.6.x. [72382]
  • This release offers improved VPN stability when using aggressive mode branch office tunnels. [73388]
  • This release resolves an issue that caused traffic through a branch office VPN tunnel to stop for XTM 3 Series and XTM 25/26 devices. [72549, 72547, 72548]
  • This release improves the Mobile VPN with SSL authentication page error handling to prevent cross-site scripting attacks. [72270]
  • This release resolves an issue that prevented the XTM 800, XTM 1500, and XTM 2500 Series devices from correctly using the IPSec encryption chipset under certain conditions. [73130]
  • SNMP now displays an accurate number of branch office VPN tunnels. [73098]

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