Protecting against Ransomware Virus Variants

The Ransomware virus variants have been coming thick and fast lately, they are all slightly different but follow the same trend.

This virus usually works by exploiting vulnerabilities in Java or Flash Player

It is highly recommended that you follow these best practices

  • Remove old versions of the Java Runtime Environment
  • Remove old versions of the Adobe Flash Player
  • Install the latest Java Runtime Environment from (Java SE 7 Update 25)
  • Install the latest Adobe Flash Player from (Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.224)
  • Ensure that you are running a current anti-virus package and that the virus definitions/signatures are up to date
  • Update all other add ins, you can use to verify which common add ins require updating
  • Utilise a Firewall or UTM Appliance with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
  • Submit malicious files and URLs to this helps improve detections and raises awareness of the impact malware is having around the world

If your Firewall or UTM Appliance provides IPS then ensure that the Signatures protect against the following exploits


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