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Poor Computer Performance due to Windows Power Management Settings

In an effort to be more “Green” you will often find that your shiny new computer, laptop or server have Power Management already set to “Balanced” or “Power Saver”.  This can be very useful for cutting your energy bills and saving the planet but sometimes you just get the need for speed.

It’s easy to check your current “Power Plan” in Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2.  Simply click on the Windows Start Menu or Orb if you are using the Aero theme and then select “Control Panel”.  Once in “Control Panel” you can either find it under it’s category “Hardware and Sound” then “Power Options” or if you are in classic control panel mode then you will just need to click “Power Options”.

Once in Power Options you will usually only be presented with three options to choose from, most will find “High Performance” the best option if they want to avoid the occasional slowdowns that power management can introduce.  You will also find that on a laptop the screen brightness is usually increased in this mode and the laptop is not going to keep going to sleep if you walk away from your desk for a few minutes.

If you favour a nice balance between the two then your next best option is “Balanced”.

The “Power Saver” Plan which is the third option is really just for laptop users in my opinion, it’s great for a long flight or train ride where you just need to get some basic Word Documents typed up or reviewed.

Internet Explorer 9 File Download Issues

An issue that has been going on for some time now is an inability to correctly download certain files using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.  You will find that the download dialog launches but the file name and type that Internet Explorer 9 displays does not correlate with the original download link.

The most likely cause of this is having a tick in the check box next to the following option

“Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk”

You can verify this setting by opening Internet Explorer 9, clicking “Tools”, “Internet Options”, Clicking the “Advanced” tab and then scrolling down to the “Security” section.  This is where you will find the “Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk” value.

To resolve the issue just untick the box next to “Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk” and then close and re-launch your Internet Explorer 9 browser.