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Slow Network or Internet Download and Read Speeds using Intel Network Adapter

You may find that Network and/or Internet speeds are very slow when using an Intel Network Adapter. This appears to be an issue with the Speed and Duplex settings, after a Driver update or installation you may notice that the Speed and Duplex is set to 100 Mbps Full Duplex. 100 Mbps Full … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Beta 3 Released for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X

Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Beta 3 has been released. The key features and benefits of Adobe Flash Player 11.3 are: •Full screen keyboard input — This feature enables support for all keyboard keys available to an embedded SWF running inside of a page without full screen mode( except for  ‘Esc’). It allows developers to determine if the … Continue Reading ››

Adobe Flash Player for Windows Macintosh and Linux

Adobe Flash Player for Windows Macintosh and Linux This new version includes:
  • Drivers gating for hardware acceleration relaxed — Previously, the hardware accelerated content was gated to 1/1/2009, however, we have relaxed the driver gating to 1/1/2008
  • Throttling event — This release introduces a new ThrottleEvent. A ThrottleEvent is now dispatched by the stage when the Flash … Continue Reading ››

Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Beta for Windows and Mac OS X

You can download and trial the beta release of Adobe Flash Player 11.2 using the following link This beta release introduces multi-threaded video decoding and Flash Player background updates