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Microsoft Windows – Network Printer/s Unexpectedly Show Offline

When using Microsoft Windows (various editions and versions) you may find that your Network Printer Unexpectedly Shows Offline.  This can occur for a number of reasons and todays blog will try and help get you printing again. First you should verify that you can ping the printer you are trying to print to, you can usually … Continue Reading ››

Fujitsu Primergy Servers – SNMP RAID and Server Health Checks

This next post is very useful for owners of Fujitsu or Fujitsu Siemens Primergy Servers, it highlights how you can monitor the status of your servers general Health and RAID Status.  To utilise these checks you will need to have the Windows SNMP Service installed and configured.  You will also need to download and install … Continue Reading ››

HP ProLiant ML Tower and DL RackMount Server – SNMP RAID and Health Checks

My second post is going to be about SNMP checks that apply to the HP ProLaint ML Tower or DL Rack Server, you need to install/configure the Windows SNMP Service, HP Insight Management Agents and the HP ProLiant Array Configuration Utility before these OIDs will work. Drive Array Health Status = 1 = other, 2= ok, 3 … Continue Reading ››

HP ML110 G5 – SNMP RAID Checks

My first post is going to be about SNMP for the HP ML110 G5 Server, you need to install/configure the Windows SNMP Service and the HP Storage Manager before these OIDs will work. ML110 G5 - Controller Status = Status Codes: 1 = other, 2 = unknown, 3 = ok, 4 = non-critical, 5 = critical, … Continue Reading ››