Internet Explorer 9 File Download Issues

An issue that has been going on for some time now is an inability to correctly download certain files using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.  You will find that the download dialog launches but the file name and type that Internet Explorer 9 displays does not correlate with the original download link.

The most likely cause of this is having a tick in the check box next to the following option

“Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk”

You can verify this setting by opening Internet Explorer 9, clicking “Tools”, “Internet Options”, Clicking the “Advanced” tab and then scrolling down to the “Security” section.  This is where you will find the “Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk” value.

To resolve the issue just untick the box next to “Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk” and then close and re-launch your Internet Explorer 9 browser.

[RESOLVED] You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange Management Console

After installing Internet Explorer 9 on your Microsoft Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 mail servers you may have been noticing that the Exchange Management Console will refuse to close and simply state “You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange Management Console”.

This has been a long running issue but has finally been resolved by the Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Team.

Please note that this issue is now resolved by installing the latest cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, The fix was first included in security update 2618444

Information on the scope of this issue can still be found here KB 2624899

You can request the hotfix by visiting Microsofts website and searching for the following Knowledge Base article KB 2624899

Note: The hotfix is actually for Internet Explorer 9 rather than Microsoft Exchange but does actually resolve the issues with the Exchange Management Console not closing correctly.

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